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If you aren't lucky enough to live where the snow flies, SNOW TO GO is for you!
Just add water for instant SNOW ~ great for holiday decorating, winter themed parties or weddings! 
One package makes about one gallon of snow ~ $6.95

Finnish-American Calendar

Lemon Juice hand cream or body lotion ~
imported from Finland ~ Miracle Cream!

Scandinavian Ball Candles ~

Available in 9 colors

Large Star - Hearts
Our Price: $47.95
Santa Curious Bowl 2
Our Price: $9.95
13 1/4" Heart Adorable Santa peeking over the edge of this ceramic bowl by Jie of Sweden.  With decorative holes, this bowl could be used for a tea light or holiday candy dish.  Bowl measures 4" high.
Finnish Animal Faces
Finnish Animal Faces
Our Price: $12.95
Vaasa Sauna Soap
100% cotton tee; Youth sizes.  In blue. Available in Birch, Pine, and Lilac
Fire and Ice DVD
Our Price: $20.00
Scandinavian Knit Hat - Grey - Norway
Our Price: $9.95
This documentary film, produced and directed by Emmy award winning producer Ben Strout, shows how the Winter War of 1939-40 influenced World War II and how Finland mobilized against the world's largest military power.
Fire and Ice dramatically depicts the intensity of the war front and the home front.  It features authentic re-enactments of the Soviet Union's invasion of Finland and reveals how Finland's 105 day defense in the bitter cold of winter helped change the course of what would soon become World War II.  This is an inspiring story for Finns and non-Finns alike - Excellent!
One size fits most knit hat in grey or navy.  Available in all the Scandinavian countries.

Spotlight Product

Large Swedish Heart Basket - Red

Our Price: $17.95
Ceramic heart basket by Coco of Sweden.  Woven paper hearts were originally crafted in Denmark in the late 1800s - the first being made by Danish auther Hans Christian Anderson in 1860.  This version comes with a length of jute rope for hanging.  7.8" high.

Top Sellers

Ole and Lena's Culinary Academy Apron
Our Price: $27.95
Candelabra Adam 7
Our Price: $40.95

New Products

Finnish Puukko Hunting Knife
Sale Price: $44.95
Finnish Puukko Scout Knife
Sale Price: $69.95
Sauna Naked T-shirt
Our Price: $13.95
Finnish Calendar
Our Price: $10.95